safe in shadows

solemn clouds
heavy, grey
crows congregate in
shadows of trees
their caws muted
by raindrops, plummeting
to the ground

and i
in the eye
safe in the shadow
of steam rising
from my coffee
alone, with my
muted thoughts


i find peace
in the solitude
of a lush garden
where plants listen
i n t e n t l y
to the sounds of
bees, birds and leaves
singing and chattering
in a soft
late spring breeze
while my hands
become intimate with
warm, moist soil


each morning
I watch you
stir and rise
paling the sun that
stretches itself
over any ocean
any continent
any day

for life with
is warmer and
more abundant
than I could
ever have


i gave you
all the rooms
in my castle

you gave me
a room
in your boarding house

we don’t need calculus
to determine why
you and i
could never make
an us

amendments (warning: offensive, to some)

seventy-four million, plus change
amend, amend, AMEN-D
their special variety of
gluts itself
on guns and hateful speech
freedoms to line pockets
put voter rights
on die(t)
while making it easy
for degenerate teens
(where’s your fucking parents)
to have a gun-war with police
(that’s why this happened, officer)
yes, yes, yes, YES
wrap yourself in
shoot first but never ask questions
bury common sense and humanity
between the first and second
then plead the fifth

reflection – a haibun

No cake with candles. No boxes wrapped in multicoloured paper. No balloons. No chorus of voices. No cone-shaped hats and noise makers. Just the scent of coffee wrapped in solitude and a silent wish come true as June trickles in…

overripe clouds burst
and the thirsty earth below
welcomes each droplet